Pedro Nekoi for United Colors of Benneton "Rainbow Machine"

Benetton Rainbow Machine is Jean-Charles de Castellabajak’s first collection for the classic fashion brand United Colors of Benetton.
The “Rainbow” represents a vision shared by Luciano Benetton (founder of the brand) and Jean-Charles de Castelbajac. “Luciano and I are all about color”, says the French designer, who explains that the collection’s palette will be mainly based on the primary colors of the rainbow – yellow, red, green, blue – with some touches of black. “Machine”, by the other hand,  is a tribute to Benetton’s great industrial tradition, its know-how and its one-of-a kind technological expertise. The runway will feature actual knitting machines in a set with enormous close-ups of products photographed by Oliviero Toscani.

Inspired by that, the Japanese arm of the brand decided to launch the collection by collaborating with young artists and influencers that carry the same message as Rainbow Machine

Pedro Nekoi's portfolio

  • Client United Colors of Benneton Japan
  • Photography Isobe Akiko
  • Styling Art Direction & Music Bunta Shimizu
  • Collage Pedro Nekoi

Welcome Santi Zoraidez!

Analog/Digital now represents Santi Zoraidez! A passionate art director and designer with a true desire to transform ideas into striking artwork. Santi’s work combines digital and reality with great sense of space, colour, light and inventiveness to create top-notch projects with a modern and fresh feel. His work has been highlighted on Behance, Creators, Designboom, Designcollector, Fubiz, Grafik, Motionographer, Stash and WeTransfer among others.

Santi is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Santi Zoraidez's portfolio

Analog/Digital x Adrian & Gidi for L'Occitane

In our production with Adrian & Gidi we deliver a stills and motion campaign for L’Occitane‘s limited edition Verbena fragrance and cleanser.

Adrian & Gidi's portfolio

  • Client L’Occitane

Analog/Digital x Pete McDonald x BluBlu for L'Occitane

An Analog/Digital production for L’Occitane promoting their new terracycle packaging. Designed & illustrated by Pete McDonald and put in motion by BluBlu Studios!

  • Client L’Occitane
  • Design & Illustration Pete McDonald
  • Motion BluBlu Studios
  • Sound Design BluBlu Studios

Salamagica for Sea Shepherd "The White Tide"

A single cigarette butt can pollute up to 500 liters of water. Cigarette butts pollute the ocean even more than straws and plastic bags do. Every year, billions of them end up in the ocean, carried away by the wind, the rain, in rivers or in pipes, after having been carelessly thrown in the streets. The toxic chemical components they are made of contribute to the ocean’s acidification and are deadly to the marine animals who eat them.

On World Oceans Day, it is urgent to raise awareness on this serious matter. “The White Tide” is the name of Sea Shepherd’s campaign, which aims to denounce how cigarette butts are polluting and killing the oceans and their wildlife.

Whether you’re a smoker or not, you have the power to act, at your own scale, to save the blue planet’s health.

Salamagica's portfolio

  • Client Sea Shepherd
  • Agency Brand Station,
  • Creative Director Damien Guiol, Samy Benama, Loic Chauveau
  • Art Director Damien Guiol, Samy Benama
  • Copywriter Damien Guiol, Samy Benama, Djavid Karmaly
  • Photographer / CGI Artist Salamagica


Illusion for Lego "For Every Imagination"

Congratulations to Illusion for the Bronze award in Print & Publishing at Cannes Lions 2019!

Illusion's portfolio

  • Client DKSH (Thailand) Ltd.
  • Brand LEGO
  • Agency Ogilvy Group Thailand