Analog/Digital & Atelier Martini for Loterie Romande

Immersing the viewer into a world of luxury! – Our production with Atelier Martini for Lotery Romande, the Franco-Swiss lottery.

Atelier Martini's portfolio

  • Client Loterie Romande
  • Agency Franz & Rene
  • Art Direction Franz & Rene

Saddington Baynes - SBLabs "Bremont"

With over fifteen years of CGI expertise working with complex 3D data, SB perfected the art of crafting evocative brand imagery and animations using the right blend of production techniques. Introducing in their latest SBLabs – a CGI showcase of the Bremont ALT1-C polished black timepiece.

Saddington Baynes's portfolio

Analog/Digital & Kijek/Adamski for VCCP London

Look what we’ve stitched together with Kijek/Adamski for VCCP London. This embroidered stop motion video is raising awareness of psoriasis – a chronic skin condition, which affects 125 million people worldwide. Curious about the creation process? Visit our Behance page to find out more.

Kijek / Adamski's portfolio

  • Agency VCCP Lodnon

Analog/Digital & Adrian & Gidi for Palmers

A&G getting creative with lingering in our recent production for Palmers.

Adrian & Gidi's portfolio

  • Client Palmers Textil AG
  • Creative director Daniel Kleinmann


Analog/Digital & Six N. Five for Britannia

Our exquisite production with Six N. Five for the grand re-opening of the Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway. Featuring four short animations developed for use on social platforms:

History Square

Experiences Square

Service Square

Six N. Five's portfolio

  • Client Britannia
  • Agency ANTI Trondheim
  • 3d Support xainisrais
  • SFX Fred Amadeus Zakariassen

Sven Hauth for Aide Aux Jeunes Diabetique - "Amputated Toys"

Eighteen illustrations for Aide aux Jeunes Diabétiques. The images were created to raise awareness for children suffering from type 1 diabetes. These “amputated” toys represent the average daily time loss of 1 hour and 45 minutes a kid needs to deal with the disease.
The ads are accompanied by a donation and awareness campaign in the Paris Metro and major cities. In a partnership with Ebay France, fifteen amputated toys are put up for auction, the proceeds being donated directly to AJD.

Sven Hauth's portfolio

  • Client Aide Aux Jeunes Diabetique
  • Agency Leo Burnett