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Among The Sky

Six N. Five for LG OLED Art

A connection to the beyond, to our divine and spiritual essence, in the immensity that has no boundaries.

The sky has no boundaries. Its immensity has always represented a sacred journey beyond perceived limits to me. The world as we know and experience has a finite horizon. It is broken when our vision is raised to connect with the sky. For some, it proposes the connection to the beyond, to our divine and spiritual essence. We look up there when we ask for things, when we seek an explanation, or simply when we decide to “end” the verticality of our bodies to allow us a physical and mental rest, surrounded by nature.

The same nature that, with its intricate beauty, has been my greatest source of inspiration. All these years I have tried to combine different disciplines to reinterpret its majesty. The sky is an important part of our nature, and has always been present among my curiosities. Therefore, I have taken this opportunity as a new canvas to create my own realities.

Among the Sky exhibition supported by Triple X.






Artist: Six N. Five
Art Direction: Ezequiel Pini, Thiago Tallmann
CGI: Jesús Mascaraque, Ezequiel Pini, Thiago Tallmann, Nil Estany, Andy Lipe

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