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Digital Design Days Festival

Ditroit for Digital Design Days

Here’s our Digital Design Days 2019 trailer, which we had the honor to premiere during the festival. As one of the leading events of this kind, DDD attracts a very wide range of communication professionals coming from all over the world, all blended together into a single vibrant audience. We decided to represent this network of personalities through a large variety of 3D shapes, interacting with one another and getting influenced by a little lively character: the intruder (a.k.a. “communication” in person). Its behavior represents the contamination of ideas through creativity, so that the global dynamics between the several elements are strongly affected, shot after shot.




Digital Design Days


Direction: Ditroit
Creative Direction: Salvatore Giunta
Shapes Design: Martin Vokaty, Christian Cabiddu
Modeling: Giovanni Mauro
Shading: Claudio Gasparollo, Martin Vokaty, Christian Cabiddu
Lighting: Claudio Gasparollo
Animation: Vincenzo Memeo, Matteo Nicoli
Simulation: Julia Mazykina, Matteo Nicoli, Vincenzo Memeo
Producer: Noemi Bugli, Ada Korvafaj
Audio: Smider
Festival: DDD Milan 2019
Project Lead: Filippo Spiezia

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