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EveryAGE Counts

Pigeon for The Benevolent Society

An animation made for EveryAGE Counts
is a part of a social campaign about ageism, targeting Australian citizens. Its goal is to fight discrimination related to old age.
For a project of great social importance, we needed to come up with something serious, not a typical-everyday-vector-head-characters. We decided to choose a style which ensures that older people are not caricatured and where we can easily escape the ageist representation of them.




The Benevolent Society


Copywriting - Paul Fishlock, Maria Pawlikowska
Concept development - Rafał Blecharz, Maria Pawlikowska, Sławek Wydra
Concept Art - Ewa Ciałowicz

Storyboard - Vera Dementchouk
Animatic - Rafał Blecharz
Illustration - Vera Dementchouk
Cel animation - Maria Kulpa
Animation & Postproduction - Rafał Blecharz
Sound Design - Robert Ostiak
Art Direction - Rafał Blecharz
Production Manager - Mikołaj Błoński
Account Manager - Piotr Zapałowicz

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