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Fortum – Circular Economy

Pigeon for Fortum

Fortum is a large, international company, developing alternative and clean energy sources. For educational purposes, we have prepared an animation to be screened during tours at the power plant in Zabrze. It explains the idea behind Refused-Derived Fuel.






Art Direction - Rafał Blecharz
Script - Maria Pawlikowska, Rafał Blecharz
Storyboard - Gosia Jeniec, Ewa Ciałowicz, Rafał Blecharz

Key Illustration - Ewa Ciałowicz, Magda Kozikowska
Color Script - Ewa Ciałowicz
Illustrations - Nikola Hahn, Gosia Jeniec, Rafał Blecharz, Magda Kozikowska
Animatic - Rafał Blecharz
2D Animation - Kasia Granica, Rafał Blecharz
3D Animation - Rafał Blecharz, Kasia Granica
Cel Animation - Katarzyna Pieróg
Compositing & Postproduction - Rafał Blecharz
Sound Design - Studio Praga
Production Manager - Dawid Gaweł
Client Service - Mateusz Szyszko

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