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Hyundai i30

Natalia Mleczak for Hyundai







Direction - Yann Secouet

Creative Design - Nicholas Ellis

Art Direction/Set Design - Natalia Mleczak

DOP - Tony Brown

more work by Natalia Mleczak

Natalia Mleczak for Huawei

Hybrid Zoom & Triple Camera

Natalia Mleczak + Kijek / Adamski for Ksiazece Brewery


Natalia Mleczak for Label Magazine

Flower Garden

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Loverboy"

Natalia Mleczak for Usta Magazine

Spring Essentials

Natalia Mleczak for

Hey Car

Natalia Mleczak for Zalando

Zalando Summer Sale 2018

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Friend's Romance" & "Like Me"

Simon Pavlik + Natalia Mleczak for Zalando

Zalando - Gift Card

Natalia Mleczak for Mood Scent Bar

Mood Scent Bar

Natalia Mleczak


Natalia Mleczak for Kazy Lambist

Be Yourself
more work listed under Transportation

Big Studios for Honda

Honda Civic 2020

Platinum for Toyota


Platinum for Ford


Peter Tarka for Honda UK

Honda UK Aftersales

Saddington Baynes for Honda

Honda CR-V 2017

Dragan for SBB

SBB Smartway

Thomas Burden for Ford


Six N. Five for Ignant Production

Shift Automotive

Televisor for Skoda

Skoda Żywioły / DirCut

Santi Zoraidez for Lexus

Luxury Within Reach / Directors Cut

Platinum for Ford

Ford Ka 2018

Juice for Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes AMG C63 Getaway

Nikopicto for SNCF


Platinum for Troller

Troller 4x4

Peter Tarka for Audi UK

Feed Your Q-riosity

Kurzgesagt for Audi

Audi - Mission To The Moon

Juice for Mitsubishi Motors

Mitsubishi - Engelberg Tourer

Platinum for Porsche Schweiz AG


Natalia Mleczak for

Hey Car

Saddington Baynes

BAC Mono

Big Studios for Honda

Magic Seat

Big Studios for Honda

Honda City 2018

Saddington Baynes

Ferrari 488 Spider

Noelia Lozano for Honda

HONDA: Summer Spectacular

Saddington Baynes for NIO

NIO ET Preview

Saddington Baynes for SBLabs

Ferrari 488 Spider