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Pantene – Nutrient Blends

Ditroit for Procter & Gamble

Eyes on this juicy and refreshing project – the outcome of an extensive and significant collaboration between Ditroit, Beeta and Grey NYC for Pantene by P&G.

The aim of the film was to romance the pure and natural ingredients, blended into the diverse formulas of this product collection: from rose water to jojoba, from bamboo to castor oil and biotin, each one with a clear personality and with precise beneficial features. Our challenge was to shape the world around each ingredient, picturing a brand new colorful journey, carefully condensed into a TVC.




Procter & Gamble


Agency - Grey
Direction - Ditroit
Creative Director - Salvatore Giunta
Design & Development - Claudio Gasparollo, Martin Vokaty, Christian Cabiddu, Matteo Nicoli, Andrew Prousalis, Giovanni Mauro, Pietro Furbatto, Sergio Papa
Producer - Noemi Bugli
Audio, Smider
Agent - Beeta
Executive Producer - Beatriz Romero
Creative Director - Arturo Macouzet
Art Director - Emily Pracher
Executive Producer - Keira Rosenthal

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