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Panattoni – Celebrating 15 Years

Kijek / Adamski for Panattoni Europe

“We were invited by CUKIER to create an anniversary film for Panattoni Europe on the fifteenth anniversary of its activity in Poland. The film presents the key features of the company by celebrating the skills of young athletes and optical illusions symbolically illustrating the precision of the mechanisms of operation of the logistics industry. It was a great pleasure to work with so many talented people to bring this project to life.” – K/A




Panattoni Europe


Crative Director - Filip Kniej, Wojciech Barczuk | Cukier

Director - Kijek/Adamski

DoP - Michał Dąbal

Art Direction, Set Design - Iwo Borkowicz, Adam Siemaszkiewicz |

Music and Sound Design - Jan Wroński

Producer - Wojciech Barczuk | Cukier

Production Manager - Kasia Rup

1st AD - Jacek Kozłowski

Edit - Jan Wierzbicki

Steadicam - Adam Mendry

Gaffer - Rafał Okyne | Heliograf

Grip - Edwin Wolski

Set Build - Paweł Pisarek | Ferwor

Postproduction - Xantus

Wardrobe - Olga Dyból | Hartwig Fashion

Make-up - Anna Piechocka

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