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VOW “To End Child Marriage”

Kijek / Adamski + I Saw John First for VOW

12 million girls under the age of 18 are married every single year. That’s one girl every 3 seconds who is robbed of her future, putting her at risk of violence, ill health and trapping her in poverty. VOW launches partnered with Girls Not Brides, the Girls First Fund and the Ford Foundation.






Agency - Hive
Creative Director - Andy Martin
Production - Strange Beast

Directors (in order of appearance):
Wednesday Studio (00:03-00:05)
I Saw John First (00:06-00:08)
Kijek/Adamski (00:09-00:11)
Caitlin McCarthy (00:12-00:14)
Cabeza Patata (00:15-00:17)
Sacha Beeley (00:18-00:20)


I Saw John First

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