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Quantum Supremacy

JVG for Nature Magazine

Since 1869, Nature is the world’s leading multidisciplinary science journal, celebrating it’s 150 Anniversary with the highly anticipated quantum supremacy paper leaked by NASA days before and an editorial and logo redesign. With the extreme secrecy all that required, JVG  worked with a single photo of the chip to produce in record time the cover and a short video to announce this historic milestone.




Nature Magazine


Audio Design - Fernando Zamorado & JVG.

3D/Animation - JVG

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JVG for Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera: Xmas Party

JVG for Asics

Asics: Gel Quantum

JVG for Nike Asia

Remix My Airs

JVG for Casetify

Casetify: Bounce Lab

JVG for Audi

Audi: The Last Dance

JVG for Bentley

Bentley Mulliner

JVG for Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera - Magic Circus


AIB Home of the Year

JVG for Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

JVG for Carolina Herrer

Carolina Herrera: 212 Fresh

JVG for Nespresso

Nespresso Ramadan

JVG for Swiss Energy

Suisse Énergie: Thermowoods

JVG for Almond Breeze

"You Know What's Best"

JVG for Nespresso

Nespresso Expertise


Innovation Pays

JVG for Ikea

Xmas Packs
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Santi Zoraidez for Rics Modus

Modus. Concrete Batteries.

Televisor + Simon Pavlik for Huawei


Santi Zoraidez

Space Friendly

Six N. Five


Thomas Burden for Acer

Acer ConceptD

Atelier Martini


Atelier Martini


Noelia Lozano for Ernst & Young

Experienced Hire

Ditroit for MTV Italia

MTV Awards 2016

Santi Zoraidez

Sometimes Colorful

Augustynka for Pap Magazine

The Switch

Adrian & Gidi

Pattern Play

Natalia Mleczak


Santi Zoraidez

Art & Design 2019

Atelier Martini

Abstract Origami

Six N. Five for Microsoft

Ocean Plastic Mouse

Atelier Martini

Imaginary Sculptures

JVG for Nike Asia

Remix My Airs

Atelier Martini for Pluralsight


Melt for Santander

Santander Orchestra

Atelier Martini

Retail Madness

Adrian & Gidi

Cut Outs

Atelier Martini

Flat Bold Easy

Six N. Five for Microsoft

Windows 11

Six N. Five

La Forma

Six N. Five

Hugo In Garden

Ditroit for Digital Design Days

Digital Design Days Festival

Atelier Martini


Six N. Five for Nike

Air Max 720