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Nick & Chloé

SYNOPSIS – A faceless nun has reached the end of her life. She must proceed through the stages of the Greek afterworld. She starts in a dark, concrete corridor which represents Hades. She must overcome Cerberus the three headed dog and where she also discovers the forlorn body of Icarus. Having won admittance to Olympus she is awed by an infinite space of beauty and colour. However through her encounters with various gods and creatures and their perturbing behaviour we understand the perpetual weakness of human nature.



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Nick & Chloé

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Nick & Chloé


Nick & Chloé for Le Roi Angus

Le Roi Angus - Couchés sur le sable

Nick & Chloé for Diesel

Jogg Jeans - Diesel

Nick & Chloé for Gabriel Auguste

Tu Danses

Nick & Chloé

OY - Place des Clichés

Nick & Chloé for Volkswagen & French Football Federation

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Nick & Chloé for Dior

Baby Dior

Nick & Chloé for Yazbukey

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Nick & Chloé

The Closet

Nick & Chloé for Vogue Polska

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Nick & Chloé for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Reverso for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Nick & Chloé

Zahia - Cold, Cold Night

Nick & Chloé for Mini

Mini Electric

Nick & Chloé

The Closet

Nick & Chloé for Lacoste

Life In a Pocket - Lacoste

Nick & Chloé

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