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OY – Place des Clichés

Nick & Chloé

Our story responds to the themes OY developed Place de
Clichés – humans living in their bubbles not being able to see
the wood through the trees.
We imagined a group of young people engaged in a futile
conflict over a baron set of rocks. Intent on winning the upper
hand they overlook the impending danger in the skies above.
We wanted to make it using a cartoon naivety reminiscent of
the Gauls in Asterix who were always infighting but shared the
primeval fear of “The skies falling on their heads”. The
catastrophic event when it happens is more Monty Python
than Hollywood disaster movie. In the final confrontation they
dance large at each other but both sides have to run for cover
as the “blob” falls from the sky.

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Nick & Chloé

Can't Do Me

Nick & Chloé

Zahia - Cold, Cold Night

Nick & Chloé


Nick & Chloé for Gabriel Auguste

Tu Danses

Nick & Chloé for Vogue Polska

Kornel's Muse

Nick & Chloé

The Closet

Nick & Chloé for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Reverso for Jaeger-LeCoultre

Nick & Chloé for Mini

Mini Electric

Nick & Chloé for Diesel

Jogg Jeans - Diesel

Nick & Chloé for Lacoste

Life In a Pocket - Lacoste

Nick & Chloé for Dior

Baby Dior

Nick & Chloé

Zahia - The Cat Cave

Nick & Chloé


Nick & Chloé for Volkswagen & French Football Federation

Volkswagen & FFF

Nick & Chloé for Yazbukey

Yazbukey Mystery Chess
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Kijek / Adamski for Tunng


Nick & Chloé for Gabriel Auguste

Tu Danses

Grajper for Rebeka

Today | Rebeka

Grajper for Pham

Golden State | Pham

Simon Pavlik for Player+

this is player+ Director's Cut

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Friend's Romance" & "Like Me"

I Saw John First for Ghost Culture

Ghost Culture - Lucky

Jacek Kołodziejski for Dawid Podsiadlo

Dawid Podsiadlo - Nie Ma Fal

Grajper for Bass Astral x Igo

Feeling Exactly | Bass Astral x Igo

I Saw John First for Coldplay

Coldplay - All I Can Think About Is You

Kijek / Adamski for Shugo Tokumaru


Grajper for Schafter

Hot Coffee | Schafter

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Loverboy"

Nick & Chloé

Can't Do Me

Simon Pavlik for McDonald's

McDonalds 2ForU

Grajper for Maria Peszek

Ave Maria | Maria Peszek

Kijek / Adamski for We Cut Corners

We Cut Corners - "Pirate's Life"

Natalia Mleczak for Kazy Lambist

Be Yourself

Grajper for Taconafide

TAMAGOTCHI | Taconafide

Grajper for Maria Peszek ft. Oskar83

Barbarka | Maria Peszek ft. Oskar83

Melt for PRO8L3M

PRO8L3M - "VI katastrofa"

Kijek / Adamski for Oi Va Voi

Oi Va Voi - "Everytime"

Kijek / Adamski for Reebok Classics

Pezet x Jimek