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Dawid Podsiadło

Augustynka for Dawid Podsiadlo




Dawid Podsiadlo


Collage - Augustynka

more work by Augustynka

Augustynka for Vogue


Augustynka for Giorre


Augustynka for Elle Magazine Poland


Augustynka for Oh La La

Oh La La

Augustynka for Estée Lauder x Zalando

Estée Lauder x Zalando

Augustynka for Hermès


Augustynka for Bombay Sapphire

Bombay Sapphire

Augustynka for Elle Polska

Elle Polska

Augustynka for Pap Magazine

The Switch

Augustynka for Coastal


Augustynka for H&M Poland

H&M Poland

Augustynka for Hairmate


Augustynka for Asus

Asus Collaboration

Augustynka for Cat Footwear

Cat Footwear

Augustynka for Mandel-Store

ReUse in Mandel-Land

Augustynka for H&M

H&M Rewear

Augustynka for Tezenis PL

Tezenis Underwear

Augustynka for Bizuu

Bizuu - Face The Sun

Augustynka for H&M Paris

H&M Paris

Augustynka for Bombay Sapphire Polska

Diving Into Sapphire

Augustynka for L'Occitane


Augustynka for Remy Martin

Remy Martin



Augustynka for Muscat

Muscat Eyewear

Augustynka for Berries&Co



Elle Croatia
more work listed under Music Video

Natalia Mleczak for Kazy Lambist

Be Yourself

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Loverboy"

Nick & Chloé

OY - Place des Clichés

Grajper for Maria Peszek

Ave Maria | Maria Peszek

Kijek / Adamski for We Cut Corners

We Cut Corners - "Pirate's Life"

Kijek / Adamski for Tunng


Grajper for Maria Peszek ft. Oskar83

Barbarka | Maria Peszek ft. Oskar83

Grajper for Żywiec

Superpowers | Igo x Vito x Mrozu

Nick & Chloé

The Closet

Kijek / Adamski for Reebok Classics

Pezet x Jimek

I Saw John First for Coldplay

Coldplay - All I Can Think About Is You

Grajper for Schafter

Hot Coffee | Schafter

Nick & Chloé for Le Roi Angus

Le Roi Angus - Couchés sur le sable

Kijek / Adamski for Shugo Tokumaru


I Saw John First for Ghost Culture

Ghost Culture - Lucky

Simon Pawlik for McDonald's

McDonalds 2ForU

Melt for PRO8L3M

PRO8L3M - "VI katastrofa"

Simon Pawlik for Player+

this is player+ Director's Cut

Nick & Chloé for Gabriel Auguste

Tu Danses

Kijek / Adamski for Oi Va Voi

Oi Va Voi - "Everytime"

Grajper for Pham

Golden State | Pham

Jacek Kołodziejski for Dawid Podsiadlo

Dawid Podsiadlo - Nie Ma Fal

Grajper for Rebeka

Today | Rebeka

Grajper for Bass Astral x Igo

Feeling Exactly | Bass Astral x Igo

Julia Rogowska for Margaret x Fundacja Rak’n’Roll


Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Friend's Romance" & "Like Me"

Grajper for Taconafide

TAMAGOTCHI | Taconafide

Nick & Chloé

Can't Do Me