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PRO8L3M – “VI katastrofa”

Melt for PRO8L3M

The lyrics of “VI katastrofa” deal with a world devastated by man and the dying out environment. Based on a report prepared by WWF and BCG “2050 Poland for Generations”. The report contains two scenarios – better and worse. Each of them depends on the actions we already take as a society in all areas of our functioning that have an impact on the environment.

The average global temperature is rising at an unprecedented rate, and failure to take appropriate action could result in billions of dollars in further losses from weather anomalies. The air in many Polish cities is heavily polluted, causing the deaths of more than 40,000 people a year.






Vocals: Oskar
Production: Steez83
Mix & master: Piotr Witkowski / Exit Productions

Imagined by MELT
Directed by Kamila Staszczyszyn & Kuba Matyka / MELT
Creative Director - Kamila Staszczyszyn & Kuba Matyka / MELT
DoP - Kuba Matyka / MELT

100% digitally rendered by MELT

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