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PRO8L3M – “VI katastrofa”

Melt for PRO8L3M






Direction - Kamila Staszczyszyn & Kuba Matyka / MELT

Creative Director - Kamila Staszczyszyn & Kuba Matyka / MELT

DoP - Kuba Matyka / MELT

CGI/3D/Motion - MELT

more work by Melt

Melt for Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola Conference

Melt for Pause Fest 2018

Dream 212

Melt for Allegro

Allegro Fashion Show

Melt for Samsung

The Missed Spaceflight

Melt for Santander

Santander Orchestra

Melt for PRO8L3M

more work listed under Music Video

Kijek / Adamski for Reebok Classics

Pezet x Jimek

Simon Pavlik for Player+

this is player+ Director's Cut

I Saw John First for Coldplay

Coldplay - All I Can Think About Is You

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Friend's Romance" & "Like Me"

Simon Pavlik for McDonald's

McDonalds 2ForU

Kijek / Adamski for Oi Va Voi

Oi Va Voi - "Everytime"

Kijek / Adamski for We Cut Corners

We Cut Corners - "Pirate's Life"

Natalia Mleczak for Lomboy

Lomboy - "Loverboy"

Kijek / Adamski for Shugo Tokumaru


I Saw John First for Ghost Culture

Ghost Culture - Lucky

Zombie Studio for Moby

Moby - "My only love"

Natalia Mleczak for Kazy Lambist

Be Yourself

Kijek / Adamski for Tunng