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BluBlu for

Skirmish is a portfolio space that brings together all the different talents in the industry in one place to show their work, connect with one another, and find the right talent/job to work in.







Direction - BluBlu

Script - BluBlu

Animation & Illustration - BluBlu | Miłosz Kokociński, Jagoda Klaczyńska, Ewa Geruzel, Jagoda Kaleta, Ewa Baran, Natalia Krajewska

more work by BluBlu

BluBlu for The New York Times, Singapore Airlines

The New York Times + Singapore Airlines

BluBlu for

Energy for Sweden

BluBlu for World Wildlife Fund

WWF | Love it or Lose it

BluBlu for L'Occitane

L'Occitane - Race For Vision

BluBlu for Serbin Creative

Serbin Creative + Directory of Illustration

BluBlu for Handy Games

Airhead Trailer

BluBlu for 7ojozat


BluBlu for Macmillan Publishers

Journey to the centre of the Earth

BluBlu for Tabu Equity Investments Inc.

Tabu Equity Investments

BluBlu for Ahlstrom Munksjö

Fiber & Sustainable Solutions

BluBlu for Durex UK

Durex | The Real Sex Guide

BluBlu for

Circular Economy

BluBlu for Universal Music Group

Jay & the Americans

BluBlu for Macallan


BluBlu for LHD Lawyers

What's my super claim worth?

BluBlu for L'Occitane


BluBlu for L'Occitane

L'Occitane - Interactive animation

BluBlu for Sensei

The Future of Retail

BluBlu for Durex

Durex | Find Your Way