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vly – 100% true

Televisor for vly

Our mixed media production for client vly and agency DOJO. During the live action shoot, directed by Jan Stollberg, we captured authentic reactions of the cast trying the vly cocoa drink for the first time. Their reactions served as the lyrics to the catchy tune composed by Supreme Music. All this combined with 2D & 3D animations by the talented team at Televisor and the result serves as a perfect example of a multi-disciplanary artist collaboration.

🡲 Behind The Scenes






Agency: DOJO
Freelance Producer: Omid Mirnour
Line Producer: Steffi Seinig
Jr. Project Manager: Felix Gerke
Creative Director: Mark Taylor
Sr. Art Director: Heath Lock
Sr. Art Director: Pedro Gropo
Sr. Art Director: Tolga Ulkumen
Copywriter : Chen Yaari

Production: Analog/Digital
Exec. Producer: Rosina Bischur
Producer: Barbara Dudek

Post Production: TELEVISOR
Post Producer: Olga Kotas
Animation/CGI Director: Mieszko Wisniewski
Directing DoP: Jan Stollberg

1. AD: Katja Sambeth
1. AC: Tino Richter
Head Lighting/Gaffer: Toni Schultz
Lighting Operator: Alexander Basil
Sound Engineer: Thomas Diesel
DIT: Andreas Klatt
Hair/Make up: Julia Barde
HMU Assistant: Samantha Pottmaier
Stylist: Victoria Beck
Set Design: Nina Oswald
Hygiene Supervisor: Henriette Artz
Talents: Annett, Brenda, Chima, Erhan, Jacky, Yannick
Edit: Tim Peters

Music Producer : Supreme Music
Sound Design: Orange Sound Studios
Casting: Lena Burmann, Nana Rebhan

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