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Malaki – Molasses

Ditroit for Malaki

The third installment of our collaboration with Malaki concerns the Molasses essences. As the Molasses flavors are brought to life through abstract paintings, each one an artistic representation of the taste it is named for, we drew inspiration from the iconic graphic element of the Molasses packs, the very brushstroke decoding this neat concept through 3D play involving liquid colorful paint, dynamic brush effects and product.






Agency: &Reale
Direction: Ditroit
Creative Director: Salvatore Giunta
Design: Salvatore Giunta, Matteo Nicoli
Modeling: Giovanni Mauro
Lighting & Shading: Claudio Gasparollo
Animation: Vincenzo Memeo, Matteo Nicoli
Simulation: Matteo Nicoli, Dave Stewart.
Editing: Matteo Nicoli
Producer: Ada Korvafaj
Audio: Smider
Creative Director: Jason Reale

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