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Juice for Casio China

Solar panels with the enhanced power-generating efficiency of the GST-W300 model ignited our imagination to create this furry and fiery spirited gorilla for Casio G-Shock. Jungle’s toughest ape reflects the strength of a shock-resistant construction that retained the dynamic metal finish. The sleek timepieces combine strength and compact design without compromising on function, just like this ad.




Casio China


Director: Yuzaburo Saito
Production: Goraku, AOI pro
Postproduction Studio: Juice
Executive Producer: Michał Dwojak-Hara
Producer: Tatsuya Shimada
CG Supervisor: Andrzej Sykut
Concept Artists: Wojciech Magierski, Rafał Gosieniecki
3D Artists: Paweł Żugaj, Przemysław Nawrocki

Animation Artists: Aleksandra Rafalska, Łukasz Kubiński, Waldemar Nalepa, Krzysztof Rozworowski, Franciszek Machalica, Artur M. Szatałowicz, Jacek Wrona, Waldemar Woźniak
Texturing/Shading Artists: Andrzej Sykut, Jarosław Handrysik
Rendering Artists: Jarosław Handrysik, Andrzej Sykut
Assets Artists: Sławomir Ostrowicki, Andrzej Sykut, Jarosław Handrysik, Robert Walentynowicz, Łukasz Kamiński
Compositing Artists: Selim Sykut
FX Artists: Łukasz Stolarski, Selim Sykut

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