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TEDxWarsaw 2018 – Men&Women

Juice for TEDxWarsaw 2018

We’re constantly craving to be a part of inspiring ideas and projects, especially if they bring together creative minds from around the globe and TEDx is one of them. Interaction design, mobility, glass ceiling, behavioral economics, sexuality, architecture, and health were among topics being explored at the conference. We explored our imagination to create this promo for the TEDxWarsaw 2018 – Men & Women edition.




TEDxWarsaw 2018


Cast: Adrianna Stalewska, Witek Chłus
Director: Michał Misiński
Director of Photography: Michał Łuka
Postproduction Studio: Juice
Producer: Manuela Bagińska
Art Directors: Selim Sykut, Andrzej Sykut
Set Designer: Natalia Maciejewska

Make-up Artist: Malwina Szablewska
CG Supervisor: Błażej Kowalski
Previz: Andrzej Sykut, Błażej Kowalski
3D Artists: Andrzej Sykut, Lewis Orton, Błażej Kowalski, Tomasz Dyrduła, Robert Sundelin, Bartek Dąbkowski
Compositing Artists: Selim Sykut, Tomasz Potakowski
2nd Unit: Михаил Шестов
Camera Assistant: Piotr Maciejewski
Gaffer: Mikołaj Car
Electrician: Janek Pomaski
Stage Hand: Sara Cheredis, Karol Vo, Marek Leszczewski, Maciej Amilkiewicz
Edit: Michał Misiński
Music & Sound Design: Bartłomiej “Spaso” Spasowski

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