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GoPay – 2120

Juice for Gojek – GoPay

Welcome to the post-apocalyptic Jakarta. It’s 2120, and our protagonists played by an amazing actress Pevita Pearce & actor Joe Taslim – are trying to get the vaccine back from terrorists. COVID played a less visible role in this spot as well – what was initially planned as live footage, turned into a virtual studio. Actors still got to play the given roles, as we scanned their faces in 3D. A motion capture session, followed by a day in a virtual studio enabled us to make their CG counterparts as faithful to the original as possible.




Gojek – GoPay


Actors / Image: Pevita Pearce, Joe Taslim
Agency: Creative Lab
Producer: Anom Febriansyah
Production Studio: Plush Pictures
Executive Producer: Rolaand Tan
Producer: Jo Lydia
Director: Michał Misiński
DOP: Mateusz Dziekoński

Offline: Kuba Tomaszewicz
Postproduction Studio: Juice
Postproduction Support: Anshar Studios, Blackfish Studio, Bones, Dash Dot Creations, NoLabel
Producer: Bartłomiej Spasowski
Producers/Support: Mariusz Radomski, Marek Walczyk, Krzysztof Biegański
CG & Unreal Supervisors: Andrzej Sykut, Piotr Koczan, Tomasz Dyrduła
Unreal Supervisor: Tomasz Runowicz
Unreal Artists: Paweł Fugiel, Norbert Świerczek
Creative Head: Krzysztof Hrycak
Animation Artists: Marcin Orzechowski, Anna Kuczyńska, Tomasz Woroniak, Paweł Żugaj, Tymoteusz Juras, Agnieszka Podolecka, Paweł Woźniak, Wojtek Jakubowski, Maciej Wojtkiewicz, Robert Zwaliński, Marcin Muszyński, Andrei Didienko, Marek Konieczny
3D Artists: Jacek Kubica, Marcin Pasierbek
Assets Artists: Patrycja Boś, Kacper Kyc, Piotr Koczan, Andrzej Sykut, Maciej Haraf, Jarosław Handrysik, Przemysław Nawrocki, Wojciech Magierski, Daria Szczypiorowska, Wojciech Tunikowski, Dariusz Markiw, Kamil Wójcik, Mirek Golofit, Andrei Isakov, Tomasz Stefański, Katarzyna Seńczuk
Lighting/Rendering/FX Artists: Piotr Koczan, Andrzej Sykut, Kacper Ogorzelec, Marcin Muszyński, Paweł Pojedynek, Tomasz Świżewski, Piotr Korczyński
Compositing Support: Przemysław Czapla, Selim Sykut
Conforming Artists: Tomasz Dyrduła, Bartłomiej Spasowski
3D Scanning: Wojciech Tunikowski
Mocap Producers: Maciej Żemojcin, Bartłomiej Stempień, Bohdan Reva
Mocap Supervisors: Marcin Panek, Agnieszka Podlewska
Real Time Previz: Damian Pszczółkowski, Marcin Paśko
Stage Designer: Filip Dominik
Stuntmen: Maciej Kwiatkowski, Slawek Kurek, Xijing He
SFX and Music Production: Fuse Adventures
IT: Jarosław Ćwirzeń, Tomasz Szymski

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