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AMEX – Retention Platinum

Plenty for American Express




American Express


Direction: Fede Kanno
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather New York
Art Direction: Greg Lanway
Copywriter & SFX supervisor: Reid Masimore
Associate Creative Director/Art: Joel Kurtz
Senior Copywriter: Emily Clark
Account Executive: Tori Howlett

Senior Producer: Mina Vuletic
Creative Director: Mariano Farías
Executive Producer: Inés Palmas
Line Producer: Clara Etcheverry
Directed by Fede Kanno & Willy Zapiola
Art Direction: Fede Kanno & Willy Zapiola/
Animation Direction Hernán Estevez
Story Board and Animatic: Sergio Kechu
Camera Animation: Mariano Farías

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