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Plenty for Coppel






Executive Creative Director: Mariano Farias
Director: Francisco Capuzzi
Executive Producer: Pedro Reales
Art Director: Francisco Capuzzi
Production Coordinator: Paula Pescio
Design: Francisco Capuzzi, Luis Lopez, Victoria Kociman, Alex Levinton
Lighting & Shading: Daniel Rivas, Nicko Reyna, Nico Pellegrino
Animation: Pablo Pargament, Carol Erique, Ezequiel Leiva

Lead Compo: Maximiliano Lagraña
Music & Sound Design: Jesús Mucci.
Andrea Almeida Beltran, Ivonne Aragon Salazar
Agency: Plenty More
Head of production: Rodrigo Lema
Strategy director: Victoria Sanchez
Account directorPedro Reales, account director.
Creative directors: Benjamin Tornquist, Ivan Zimmermann

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Plenty for Coppel


Plenty for Furla

Furla - Re-Candy

Plenty for Spotify

Hobbylos Podcast

Plenty for Vibia

Vibia Plusminus

Plenty for Disney XD

Baby Mech

Plenty for Mondelez International


Plenty for Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club

Plenty for Banregio

“Banregio” Spot

Plenty for Sonos

Sonos - Your Home

Plenty for American Express

AMEX - Retention Platinum

Plenty for Hyundai


Plenty for Brief Festival

The Birth of Total Design

Plenty for DirecTV

DirecTV Basketball

Plenty for Tigout




Plenty for Swatch

Swatch Flymagic

Plenty for Coppel

Coppel - Series Spot

Plenty for Coppel

Coppel Buen Fin
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Six N. Five for Microsoft

Ocean Plastic Mouse

Santi Zoraidez


Ditroit for Malaki

Malaki - Shisha & Dokha

Televisor + Simon Pavlik for Lenovo

Lenovo IdeaPad / Director’s cut



Santi Zoraidez for Foreo


Six N. Five for Samsung

Realistic Magic

Foreal for Swatch

Swatch - Keith Haring x Disney

Adrian & Gidi for Rosefield


Foreal for Klarna

Klarna – Dream Deals

Santi Zoraidez for LG Signature

The Art of Essence

Ditroit for Fendi

Fendi Hypnoshine Eyewear

Plenty for Coppel

Coppel Buen Fin

Plenty for Vibia

Vibia Plusminus

Foreal for Swatch

Swatch - Valenteines Day 2018

Six N. Five for Burberry

Burberry "The Pocket Bag"

Ditroit for Nike

Nike Riccardo Tisci

Plenty for Sonos

Sonos - Your Home

Plenty for Banregio

“Banregio” Spot

Foreal for Swatch

Swatch Chinese New Year 2020

Grzegorz Wełnicki for Mesh


Jacek Kołodziejski for Huawei

Huawei P30

Ditroit for SFSO

SFSO — H3 Table Lamp

JVG for Ikea

Xmas Packs

Six N. Five for Samsung

Perfect Reality

Plenty for Swatch

Swatch Flymagic

Ditroit for Giorgio Armani S.p.A

Emporio Armani | Watches & Jewelry Collection

Santi Zoraidez for Asus

Vivobook Slim & Vivobook Pro