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The Birth of Total Design

Plenty for Brief Festival

Open Credits for the 3rd edition of the Brief Festival, Madrid, held in October 2017. This is the abstract representation of the design process, where we go through four stages: The Brief, The Void, The Structure , and The Light.




Brief Festival


Directed & Produced by Plenty
Sound Design Created by CypherAudio (John Black & Tobias Norberg)
Creative Direction - Mariano Farías & Federico Kanno
Art Director - Federico Kanno.
Animation Director - Hernán Estévez.
Creative Development - Natalia Español.
Animatic & Montage - Mariano Farías
Executive Producer - Ines Palmas

Environment Design (Total Design) / Federico Kanno, Mariano Farías.
Graphic Design - Guillermo Zapiola.
3D Modeling - Federico Kanno, Nicolas Reyna, Guillermo Zapiola
3D Lighting - Federico Kanno (Lead) , Benjamin Jagusieczko
3D Shading - Federico Kanno, Javier Eyherabide
3D Animation - Hernán Estévez, Guillermo Zapiola
2D Animation - Guillermo Zapiola
Post - Hernán Estevez, Guillermo Zapiola & Javier Eyherabide
Production Coordinator - Mercedes Cánepa
Special Thanks to - Beatriz Romero Sanchez / BEETA !

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