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Sonos – Your Home

Plenty for Sonos

If there are Complex and challenging jobs, this is one of them! Plenty never says no to a challenge! Sonos, who is dedicated to generating intelligent sound systems wanted to convert different spaces of houses into a magical and fun experience. A technical and artistic adventure that, for Plenty consisted of two 15-second animated spots where we link the live action directed and produced by Tronco and 1stAveMachine and our entire team of Art and 3D Motion. In one we had beautiful characters dancing in a Pop style scene and in the other we made a beautiful clay flower grow.






Agency: 72andSunny & 1stAve Machine
Production Company: Tronco
Direction: Tomi Dieguez
Art Direction: Sebastian Curi & Pablo Alfieri
Animation Director: Mariano Farias
2D Animation: Germán Merlo

3D Modeling: Sebastian Curi, Fede Kanno, Juan Martín Miyagi & Benjamin Jagusieczko
3D Animation: Hernán Estevez, Fede Kanno, Mariano Farias & Sebastian Curi
EP US: Sam Penfield
EP Argentina: Lautaro Brunatti
Tracking: La cupula
Graphic Design: Pablo Alfieri & Elda Broglio
Lead VFX: Matias Mastrogiano
VFX Compositors: Matias Mastrogiano, Sebastian Curi, Julieta Boechi, Toni Agoglitta, Daniel Calvo & Francisco Binacardi
Lead Lighting & Shading: Ago Carrera
Lighting & Shading: Fede Kanno, Mariano Farias & Benjamin Jagusieczko
Rendering: Ago Carrera & Fede Kanno
Production: César Morán Mazo


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