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Grohe Blue

Saddington Baynes for Grohe

With Saddington Baynes expertise in Fluid FX work they were able to direct and execute the perfect look and feel of a free flowing stream of water forming into a bottle, with a carefully choreographed splash to top it off. Working close with Grey Düsseldorf, they explored numerous CG liquid styles and procedural animations with expressive bubble and water behaviour to inject a fresh vision of fluidity and movement required for this sculptural water animation.






Production - Analog/Digital

Agency - Grey Düsseldorf

CGI - Saddington Baynes

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Saddington Baynes

SB Reel 2019

Saddington Baynes for NIO

NIO ET Preview

Saddington Baynes for Honda

Honda CR-V 2017

Saddington Baynes

BAC Mono

Saddington Baynes for SBLabs


Saddington Baynes

Ferrari 488 Spider

Saddington Baynes for Asics

Asics: Gel-Quantum 360

Saddington Baynes for Diageo


Saddington Baynes for SBLabs


Saddington Baynes

Redefining Beauty Showcase

Saddington Baynes for Julius Bäer

Julius Bäer: Formula-E

Saddington Baynes for SBLabs

Estée Lauder

Saddington Baynes

Pharmaceutical Reel

Saddington Baynes

Product Reel 2019

Saddington Baynes for SBLabs

Ferrari 488 Spider
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Televisor + Bites for Orchard Thieves Cider

Orchard Thieves Cider

Platinum for Exito Water

Green Onion, Meat, Salmon


Beauty Reel

Bites for USP Zdrowie


Bites for Smirnoff

Smirnoff ICE Cans

Ditroit for Malaki

Malaki - Molasses

Ditroit for Procter & Gamble

Pantene Soex

JVG for Nespresso

Nespresso Ramadan

Bites for Nivea

Nivea Unwind

Bites for The Chemours Company


for Ferrero


Bites for Lenovo


Saddington Baynes for SBLabs

Estée Lauder

Ditroit for Procter & Gamble

Pantene - Nutrient Blends